CHURCH PLANTING TRAINING: Preparing Future Leaders

CPT has been developed to train and assist church planting within the United States.

Our Church Planting Training (CPT) program is a 1-year training initiative intended to rapidly equip leaders to start new churches. The internship includes theological, leadership, and practical training as well as hands-on experience adapted to the church planter’s assessed areas of strengths and weaknesses.

CPT interns are trained by an apostolic leadership team that serves a wide range of churches in the U.S.A. CPT is designed, upon completion, to release intern-church planters into planting a new church.

2 Training Options
Interns accepted into the program have 2 options for their CPT experience. The first option is a residential program based at Jubilee Church in St. Louis, Missouri. Interns live in St. Louis as part of Jubilee Church to experience leadership and ministry at an apostolic base. Interns receive direct feedback from both trans-local and local church leadership. The "DNA" of this setting is experienced first-hand and ongoing personal relationships with Newfrontiers USA leaders are developed.

The second option is the correspondence program. Interns in the correspondence program do the training process (reading, interviews, reports and practical ministry) while remaining in their current local church. Correspondence students will attend Newfrontiers USA leadership conferences and residential training seminars in St. Louis during the CPT year. For other details on this option, see the About page of this website.

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